A Little Photo Contest Idea

Ever since Ermintrude the Cow took up residence here at The Shoreham Inn, Dominic and I have noticed how many people use her in their photos around the place. We’ve done the same ourselves, she was the central feature of our Christmas cards one year. So, we got to thinking. Firstly that we’d love to see some of those photos, secondly that we’d love to show them off to others and this led to thought number three….let’s make it a contest of some kind!

In all honesty, we have no thorough concept of this contest, and mostly what I’m thinking is that we’ll randomly choose winners once in a while and send them a prize. Little prizes, medium prizes, maybe a big prize or two. Does that sound like enough of a contest to get you involved? If you have an idea for a better way to structure this, please let me know. I hesitate to ask for ‘Most Creative’ pictures, as I worry about some of you…..yes, I mean you….you know what I mean….!

In the meantime, send us your photos! Probably the best way is to email them to me (info at shorehaminn dot com) and then I can put them up on our Facebook page, or maybe here on this blog. Larry will be so pleased to see new content on this Psst….page!


  1. the winner says:

    I hope to be the big prize winner. If not I will have to think of something bigger and better

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