Addison County Fair and Field Days

It’s that time of year again, Addison County Fair and Field Days time. August 10 – 14 are the dates for this year’s Field Days, located just up the road from us, in Addison,VT. This is the granddaddy of Vermont Fairs, the state’s largest agricultural fair and full of all kinds of activities, from carnival rides, cattle judging, tractor pulls, demolition derbies, fried dough, photography contests, maple syrup exhibits, handcrafts, more fried food, food contests, fruits, vegetables, flowers, horse show – you get the idea (and more fried things).

I nurse a secret love of this kind of event, being a Midwest girl at heart with vivid memories of state fairs and the world’s largest pig and live country music and pie contests. I will confess that I have never eaten a corn dog. ¬†Innkeeping life being what it is, I’ve never actually been to Addison County Field Days, but I bug Dominic to take me every year. Partly I feel this experience is missing in his education of life in the US, mostly I just want fried dough and a look at the county’s largest green bean. One day we’ll get there.

So you will have to attend for me; come to Field Days, if you stay here at The Shoreham Inn we promise not to fry one element of your breakfast, so you can indulge to your heart’s content while watching the draft horses or handmowing, riding a ferris wheel and looking at antique farm equipment.

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