Yankee Magazine Best of 2015 Award!

And some days, you find out that you’ve won an award! Yankee Magazine Best of New England Editor’s Choice award for 2015: Best Historic Hostelry!



Shoreham Solar Heat Workshop and Shine and Dine at The Shoreham Inn

Solar Home: Heating and Cooling Info Session

Join us at the Shoreham Inn to talk about our new program Solar Home Heating and Cooling allows Vermonters to heat and cool their homes with clean, fossil-free energy at about 1/3 the cost of heating fuel. Combing solar power with a new heating technology can reduce a home’s use of traditional heating fuels by as much as 80% and can cut heating bills by half. Moreover, in the summer the system can be reversed and provide ultra-efficient air conditioning and dehumidifying. Guilt-free cooling!

This workshop will cover the basics of solar power and heat pumps: how they fit into our state’s energy plans, how the technologies work, what government incentives are available, how our “no upfront cost” program works, and more.

The Shoreham Inn’s delicious food and drinks will be served courtesy of SunCommon!

Bring your questions!

Spring Cleaning

So, it’s not really spring yet, but the days are getting longer and, boy, are we ready for some warmer weather up here! Personally I love the winter, but we have had more than our fair share of below zero days and nights this winter, so all eyes are looking towards spring.

There is always a fair amount of ‘spring cleaning’ in an innkeeper’s life, not only in the spring, and cleaning isn’t the most interesting of topics to blog about. So don’t worry, I’m not going to share my tips for scrubbing bathtubs or how to make an effective organic toilet cleaner. But, what IS fun in the spring-ing up of the Inn is the decorating!

The Shoreham Inn has always made an effort to include local products wherever we can, on our menus and in our rooms. So I’m very excited about some of the latest purchases we’ve made.

New bathrobes, blankets and pillows from The Vermont Flannel Company.

More blankets and the cutest little ‘mug rugs’ from Johnson Woolen Mills.

Bathroom soap dishes from Danforth Pewter.

Drinking glasses from Bennington Potters.

Now, I could easily go bankrupt buying more and more wonderful things here in Vermont, and I do have to limit myself. But, I may do one more round of shopping for a few decorative things. I’ll let you in on one of my favorite ways to shop for unique, local things: go to the Etsy website and then use the ‘shop local’ feature. An easy, fun way to support local crafters and artisans for those if us lacking the time to get out to craft fairs and antique shops and local stores.

Back to work!

The Shoreham Inn meets CNN!

So, this happened in October 2013, and we’re a little proud!

CNN makes a trip to Addison County!

The Shoreham Inn, Discovery Bicycle Tours, fall, guests and everything in-between!



2013 Vermont Winery Passport

Looking for a way to organize your trip though Vermont? Or maybe you live here and just like to meander around close to home. What about a passport listing 21 participating wine tasting rooms throughout the state? Sound like your thing? The 2013 Vermont Winery Passports are now available at any of the participating wineries or though the Vermont Wine website. The program is sponsored by the Vermont Grape and Wine Council.

The closest participating wineries to us are Champlain Orchards and Lincoln Peak Vineyard – delicious wines and ice ciders to try, and each a gorgeous stop on your tour through this beautiful state.

As if that wasn’t a cool enough idea, if you get at least 10 stamps on your passport by Jan 1 2014 you can submit your passport to win prizes.

Oh, and GRAND PRIZE? Two nights at The Shoreham Inn!


Hey, look what happened yesterday!

Tooting our own horn, coming up! This article came out in yesterday’s Sunday Boston Globe travel section. Click the link to read it all – great article about bicycling, Vermont and our beautiful Addison County. (oh, and The Shoreham Inn….!)

We are proud, surprised and very, very grateful.

Seeing Vermont on a self-guided bike trip




Global Soap Project

Hi there! Just a quick note to keep you up to date on a new endeavor we are getting involved with here at The Shoreham Inn. The Global Soap Project is an organization “working to save lives and improve global health by recycling used hotel soap and turning it into new bars that are distributed to vulnerable populations around the world.” How cool is that? So we have signed up and will be sending off all our used bars of Vermont Soapworks soap to this project.

For those of you who have never stayed here – we do try and keep things as green as possible and minimize waste for products like this. In our showers we use large dispensers for liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner. We also have liquid hand soaps on all the sinks. We do however provide a small bar of organic soap for all guests, in part because some people really prefer a bar of soap and also so we can highlight the great products made by Middlebury’s own Vermont Soapworks.

Now, admittedly, The Shoreham Inn’s use of bar soap is teeny tiny compared to big chain hotels, so we won’t be providing much, but it feel so much better than throwing away those mini bars of soap after one customer use. And every little moment counts, right?!

St. Patrick’s Day 2013

It’s coming! St. Patrick’s Day 2013 will be here sooner than we can imagine.

Most of you know that we throw a party on St Patrick’s Day every year. March 17 2004 we opened our doors for the very first time to see what would happen.

March 17 has become our annual thank-you-for-helping-us-survive-and-thrive party, thank-you-for-being-such-loyal-customers party and thank-you-for-being-a-great-town party. It’s always a lot of fun (and I am always glad it only happens once a year!) You buy your drinks and we provide the food and we all have a good time.

BUT……if anyone has done the math…..you will have figured out that this will be our TENTH party! Ten of them! 10!!!!  I know there are people in this town just as stunned as we are to have found ourselves here.

And so it will be, March 17 2013, the tenth THANK YOU party we’ve thrown and we still thank you this day and all others. You’re fabulous, each and every one of you.

And just for fun, wanna see what the pub looked like about one week before that first night? (Stressed? Us? No, that doesn’t look stressful, does it? No bar top, no bar stock, no cash register…..ahh, the good old days!)

A Little Photo Contest Idea

Ever since Ermintrude the Cow took up residence here at The Shoreham Inn, Dominic and I have noticed how many people use her in their photos around the place. We’ve done the same ourselves, she was the central feature of our Christmas cards one year. So, we got to thinking. Firstly that we’d love to see some of those photos, secondly that we’d love to show them off to others and this led to thought number three….let’s make it a contest of some kind!

In all honesty, we have no thorough concept of this contest, and mostly what I’m thinking is that we’ll randomly choose winners once in a while and send them a prize. Little prizes, medium prizes, maybe a big prize or two. Does that sound like enough of a contest to get you involved? If you have an idea for a better way to structure this, please let me know. I hesitate to ask for ‘Most Creative’ pictures, as I worry about some of you…..yes, I mean you….you know what I mean….!

In the meantime, send us your photos! Probably the best way is to email them to me (info at shorehaminn dot com) and then I can put them up on our Facebook page, or maybe here on this blog. Larry will be so pleased to see new content on this Psst….page!

Dear Customers,

Hello and happy Labor Day! I hope you’ve had a good summer. We’ve had a great summer, a real summery summer. We have also had a spectacularly busy summer. Some of you may have been here and noticed this. I’m here to say, we’ve noticed it too and it’s actually becoming a problem and we want you to know we’ve noticed that too. Being busy is a good problem to have, much better than the problem of being not-busy, but a problem nonetheless.

So, I’m not sure exactly what we need to do, but I just wanted to say publically that we are trying to figure it out. We’ve had a couple of nights this summer that have not been a lot of fun; for you or for us. Too much, too fast and we’ve gotten overwhelmed. Many of you are generous and kind and say lovely things and forgive us, but that is much more than we can expect.

We want to deliver on our goal of providing good food and good service in a casual atmosphere and we hate the nights that end with us sat here, glass of wine in hand, recounting the moments that did not go as planned. Where we can list several things that went wrong.

So, that’s all, just wanted to say out loud that we are plotting and planning. It might mean some changes are in the air, things you may or may not notice. Well, hopefully the one thing you will notice is less of those nights where you can see the steam coming out of Molly’s head or watch waitresses moving so fast they could qualify for Olympic events or hear Dominic saying unprintable things.

Have a great weekend and welcome Fall!