Dear Customers,

Hello and happy Labor Day! I hope you’ve had a good summer. We’ve had a great summer, a real summery summer. We have also had a spectacularly busy summer. Some of you may have been here and noticed this. I’m here to say, we’ve noticed it too and it’s actually becoming a problem and we want you to know we’ve noticed that too. Being busy is a good problem to have, much better than the problem of being not-busy, but a problem nonetheless.

So, I’m not sure exactly what we need to do, but I just wanted to say publically that we are trying to figure it out. We’ve had a couple of nights this summer that have not been a lot of fun; for you or for us. Too much, too fast and we’ve gotten overwhelmed. Many of you are generous and kind and say lovely things and forgive us, but that is much more than we can expect.

We want to deliver on our goal of providing good food and good service in a casual atmosphere and we hate the nights that end with us sat here, glass of wine in hand, recounting the moments that did not go as planned. Where we can list several things that went wrong.

So, that’s all, just wanted to say out loud that we are plotting and planning. It might mean some changes are in the air, things you may or may not notice. Well, hopefully the one thing you will notice is less of those nights where you can see the steam coming out of Molly’s head or watch waitresses moving so fast they could qualify for Olympic events or hear Dominic saying unprintable things.

Have a great weekend and welcome Fall!

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