Pub Hours:

Food served Thursday – Monday 5 – 9pm

Closed Tuesday and Wednesday


gas·tro·pub ( plural  gas·tro·pubs ):

U. K.  pub serving good food: A place to get modern comfort food in a casual pub setting; a laid-back place where reservations aren’t needed, but sharing tables may be required; you might just have a drink, maybe a nibble, or perhaps a three course meal.[ Late 20th century. Formed from gastronomy + pub. ]

The ‘gastropub’ has become a common experience in England and Dominic and Molly had an idea it just might work over here. While we never could have predicted how well it would go, or how readily the locals would pitch in with quite so much good will (and dishwashing) when we needed it most, it only proved our point and makes it all the more pub-like for it being run in a sometimes haphazard, though always friendly manner. Please see the Welcome page for the links to a few very nice mentions in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Boston Globe.

Current Menu:

Andrew cooks all the meals while Elizabeth makes the scrumptious desserts. One of our most popular meals is the Bangers n’ Mash with a pint of Guinness, followed by a generous portion of Banoffi Pie.


Take a look at our current menu.

NOTE: Menu changes are frequent (sometimes daily)! We alter items according to what is in season.