Reviews, public reviews, they are a fact of life in the inn and restaurant business. We struggle about whether we should encourage them, does this seem pushy? Is it denying a fact of doing business of we don't invite people to review us somewhere? … [Continue reading]


When you live in a place with seasons, one of the joys is marking the change from one to the next. Seasons are generally just long enough to get excited about, revel in and then get a little bored of, before the next one comes along. Some people have … [Continue reading]

Say goodbye to Irish music nights

Yes, you read that right. After three (I think?) years, we must say goodbye to our Irish music nights. I would like to say this was a well thought out plan. Or a need for a change of venue. Or major musical success for our community musicians. Or … [Continue reading]

Introducing our ghost, Claire

One of the events of last summer that you missed hearing about (through no fault of yours, completely me and my unplanned blog break last year!) was the extensive, detailed description of a friendly ghost, named Claire. I really, truly don't know … [Continue reading]

Shoreham Appreciation Night

Hi there, can't stay long, lots to do. But, I wanted to make an exciting announcement! Starting tonight, and continuing every Monday night, The Shoreham Inn and Whistlepig Straight Rye Whiskey are partnering to bring you Shoreham Appreciation Night. … [Continue reading]

No Whining About Wine

One of the very best parts about being a restaurant owner is wine tastings. I mean, it's a rewarding business and customers are lovely and it provides a nice life and it's a way to be integrally involved in the community and it's creative to be … [Continue reading]

For Larry

Today I am struggling with activity suggestions for guests this weekend. Admittedly, Shoreham is not generally a hotbed of guests in the winter months. We're too far from the skiing to get big ski business. But, this winter being what it is, the … [Continue reading]

Excuse us while we are experiencing technical difficulties…

So, in case you end up on this page, looking in vain for our online menu....(if you see it, let me know!) - we are currently having technical issues, which I won't explain, because I can't. Anyway, you might be able to imagine how much time I have … [Continue reading]

Vermont’s Best Foodie Tour

Happy Memorial Day weekend, happy beginning of the summer, happy day with no rain....though it's much too early in the day for me to be saying something like that! My wish for you is just the right amount of moisture in your life. I know there are … [Continue reading]

Spring is coming

Up here in Vermont, we're finding it hard to believe spring will actually arrive, and stick, this year. We've had some gorgeous little teasers, and even a couple of days that felt more like summer than spring. But we've also had an awful lot of … [Continue reading]