Spring Cleaning

So, it’s not really spring yet, but the days are getting longer and, boy, are we ready for some warmer weather up here! Personally I love the winter, but we have had more than our fair share of below zero days and nights this winter, so all eyes are looking towards spring.

There is always a fair amount of ‘spring cleaning’ in an innkeeper’s life, not only in the spring, and cleaning isn’t the most interesting of topics to blog about. So don’t worry, I’m not going to share my tips for scrubbing bathtubs or how to make an effective organic toilet cleaner. But, what IS fun in the spring-ing up of the Inn is the decorating!

The Shoreham Inn has always made an effort to include local products wherever we can, on our menus and in our rooms. So I’m very excited about some of the latest purchases we’ve made.

New bathrobes, blankets and pillows from The Vermont Flannel Company.

More blankets and the cutest little ‘mug rugs’ from Johnson Woolen Mills.

Bathroom soap dishes from Danforth Pewter.

Drinking glasses from Bennington Potters.

Now, I could easily go bankrupt buying more and more wonderful things here in Vermont, and I do have to limit myself. But, I may do one more round of shopping for a few decorative things. I’ll let you in on one of my favorite ways to shop for unique, local things: go to the Etsy website and then use the ‘shop local’ feature. An easy, fun way to support local crafters and artisans for those if us lacking the time to get out to craft fairs and antique shops and local stores.

Back to work!

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